The vision, task and values of BSCA Security are defined below:


With a view to reducing to the acceptable minimum level the risk of illegal actions and their consequences at Brussels South Charleroi Airport, BSCA Security aims to achieve excellence and thus become the reference in the small and medium airports segment, both in terms of airport security and of passenger perception of that security, at the same time as taking account of BSCA targets in terms of the efficiency of terminal operation.


BSCA Security, a subsidiary of BSCA, has the following tasks:

  1. Effectively ensuring the protection of:
    a) civil aviation at Brussels South Charleroi Airport, in accordance with the regulations in force
    b) airport facilities, by technical and/or human means allowing BSCA to:

    • limit the effects of a malicious or terrorist act and ensure the fastest possible resumption of airport activity
    • maintain the image of the airport if such events occur
  1. Acting as the priority interlocutor of the airport in terms of airport security
  2. Inculcating Security Awareness in all airport personnel and users
  3. Extending the benefit of its knowledge to the largest possible number of people


These tasks are performed:

  1. In a manner consistent with the commercial and operational vision of the parent company, BSCA
  2.  With full independence from BSCA and other airport actors
  3.  While developing a culture oriented towards solutions which best satisfy its interlocutors, including BSCA, passengers, airlines, the Mobility and Transport Department, the Police, Customs and WPS
  4. With the best possible control over costs
  5. Employing an honest and perfectionist team which constantly maintains a high level of expertise obtained by:
    1. expertise in detection equipment and technical innovations
    2. a policy of investing in staff training
    3. permanent dialog with the various organisations and key persons in the sector
  6. With a high level of quality control for the services performed



In carrying out its tasks, BSCA Security deploys the following values (identical to those of BSCA):

  1. Trust
  2. Competence
  3. Fairness
  4. Team spirit
  5. Orientation towards clients and partners
  6. Respect for the environment, safety and security
  7. Total integrity